Biggest Google Chrome Laptop Review on internet, Know is Chrome Book good For you or no?

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Make money blogging 2014

| Thursday, March 27, 2014
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Best password Recovery Solution for Chromebooks

| Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Best password Recovery Solution for Chromebooks
Best password Recovery Solution for Chromebook

I was asked a lot about this problem. many people were asking what is the best password recovery solution for ChromBook and how hey can use it. Well let me explain for you a bit.
Chromebook with Chrome OS is a very different OS from anything else. passwords are not stored in chromebook usually so it is seems kind of impossible to recover a saved password in chromebook because chromebook doesn't store anything in itself, but no! it is possible to recover passwords from chromebook using Recover Lost Passwords Solution.  This very good PDF will teach you how to recover your password from any device. what i love about this thing is it works for chromebook very perfect and i used it for my chromebook. This book is not a free thing and i can't upload my copy for you but this book is a very very informative book that i suggest it to you for password recovery in chromebook and any password related problem in chromebooks.

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Best Online Games For ChromeBook - Part 2

| Thursday, May 23, 2013
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Many people liked the first part of this post which it was about the best games for chrome book and it got many hits so I've decided to write another one and a more complete one. so this is the second part of "Best games for Chromebook"

- "Sniper Team" for chromebook

Best Games For chromebook - Part 2 -

This game is very good designed shooting game for ChromeBook. it is easy and simple and fun to play. In this game you need to defend your base with a sniper gun and shoot to your enemy and also support your team.

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- "War Jets" for chromebook

Best Games For chromebook - Part 2 -

War jets is an air shooting game for chromebook. this game is based on flash and HTML5 but it is a full 3D game. in this game You are one of the survivor pilots in the war. you need to Defend your army with your jet defender.

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- "Rush Team" For chromebook

Best Games For chromebook - Part 2 -

Rush Team is a free multiplayer FPS for chromebook, made with Unity and Photon Network and Developed by "Asrprogs". This game can present two game modes "Free For All", that's a classic All vs All, and Team Death Match. You have also a lot of gun: Knife Only, Pistol Only, Rifle Only and Sniper Only. The graphics are really good, almost like Battlefield Play4Free or BeGone.

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- "Pool" game for chormebook

Best Games For chromebook - Part 2 -

A very good graphiced pool game for chromebook in full 3D and multiplayer mod.

Game features:
 - multiplayer mode
 - 3D view
 - ratings and statistics
 - tournaments
 - chat with your fellow players
 - customizable game settings

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- "WGT Golf Challenge" game for chromebook

Best Games For chromebook - Part 2 -

Play a quick closest-to-the-hole challenge on championship golf courses around the world. World Golf Tour is the most realistic golf game on the web. WGT recreates famous golf courses like Bethpage, Kiawah Island and St Andrews in virtual reality using HD photography and patented technology. Each course is photographed from every angle, providing a true‐to‐life experience for golf enthusiasts. WGT is played using a web browser without any downloads or fees. Players can choose to purchase WGT credits to upgrade their virtual golf equipment, compete against each other, and enter tournaments to earn prizes such as golf trips. Virtual golf equipment is available from WGT sponsors, including Callaway, Cleveland, LoudMouth, PING, and TaylorMade. WGT is the official online gaming partner of the USGA and Golf Channel.

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Chrome OS – Beginner’s Guide to Chromebooks

| Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Chrome OS – Beginner’s Guide to Chromebooks -

This book, Chrome OS 101 – Beginner’s Guide to Chromebooks, is specially written for new Chromebook owners and those who consider buying one.  It guides you through the transition from traditional operation systems to Chrome OS.  What are included:

- Introduction to Chrome OS
- Its advantages and disadvantages
- Test: Are you Chrome-ready?
- Choosing your Chrome OS device
- Alternatives (other web-centric systems)
- Getting to know the interface and hardware
- Switch 101 – How to do everything in Chrome OS?

How to replace a laptop screen

| Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yesterday I founded a great video on internet that showed me How to replace a laptop screen easily. Before I watched this video I didn’t know a laptop screen can be replaced and I searched many times about can a laptop screen be replaced or no and finally I founded this video. In this video you will learn how to fix laptop screen in 10 minutes.

How to replace a laptop screen -


Best Possible Ways of getting a free mac book air

| Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The question was  how to really get a free macbook air giveaway offer. There has been many questions about this matter. many people asked to write about this and i should say this took a while for me! becuase i needed to find the best ones and eventually i got one free macbook air from internet for free so i have some kind of experience in it so these facts led me to write this. as always before we get to there i will start with some first talking. this is internet and there is many scams around it. there is a thousand of wesites that are trying to get your info and send you spam which we know that we all hate spams. so how we know they are legit and good? there is some IMPORTANT thigs about every internet offer that if they have these in them you can trust them that they are good and trustable. in this post first i will show you the trust facts on the offers and then i will show you some websites that you can trust.

How you can trust to offers in internet?

1. Email confirmations

sites that ask you for email confirmation are usually more trustable. there are good reasons about it. first they want to know you are a real person. second they want to find the best way to catch you or get connected to you. email confirmations also show that they are serious about their costumers. but there is always some problems with giving a good personal email. they can spam you sometimes but you need to find other trust factor to.

2. Professional Design

Professional design in every website is important specially in websites that are asking for information like emails. second trust factor of a website that gives you offer is its professional design. look if it looks clean, simple and elegant. it should give you the feeling that site owner worked on this website!

3. NO Ads

Something more important in a subscription type website is a website with no ads. it shows that how serious is the system and website. if you see a website that offers you something like an iPad and it has ads on it, don't even look at the website and close it!

My Favorite offering websites

As i said in this post i god my new Mac Book Air from one of this websites which i will tell you which one.

1. Digital Brand Rewards
this website got one of the best free giving mac. this is the one that i got main from it. it is simple and clean. you just need to enter your email and then confirm it. you will get in the list. to enter click here